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Delivery services

European services PETS TO FLY is a Polish company specializing in next-day deliveries and 48 hours throughout Europe.

Reliable, safe and fully insured, we provide quick pick-up and door-to-door delivery for all types of goods

We offer one-time deliveries as well as long-term contracts and specialize in delivering farm animals, including pigeons and other birds and rabbits

* Please note that our service includes the delivery of full door-to-door loads, unless the products are livestock. Unfortunately, we cannot handle individual packages or baggage


To ensure the highest speed and reliability of our services, we service a completely new fleet of vehicles, all of which are replaced every 3 years

We deliver goods to airports and organize safe and reliable air transport

Personal service

Each of our clients is important to us and we try to provide services tailored to their needs. We understand the importance of our services for you and your customers

Every time you entrust us with your goods, you can be sure that they will remain under our personal protection at all times. We never outsource the delivery to a third party


Due to Government guidelines and the growing closure of European borders, we have suspended all live deliveries and collections in Europe for a minimum period of 30 days with immediate effect until further notice

Supplies and collections of livestock will only continue in Poland when the government allows us to act and we will assess the situation every day

Pets to fly!

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